The refinishing products we sell and the services we offer target the needs of the automotive professional and the customers you serve.

Reliable Delivery

From a quart to a truckload, we can put paint and supplies on your doorstep. In most cases, we deliver on demand so you always have what you need to get the job done.

Industry Know-How

When you or your customers have questions about automotive refinish or appearance products, E&M is ready to help. We can even schedule on-site visits and get back to you promptly with job-related specifications and recommendations.

Certified Training

We host official training seminars to get professional and rising refinishers the skills and certifications they need. Visit our Training page for more information.

Quality and Service

At E&M Auto, we stand behind our service and the DuPont products we carry above all else. We recommended a system from DuPont Industrial Coatings for Greg Pinkerton, General Manager of Atlantic Fabritech in McGaheysville, VA.

He had this to say:

"...this system came out way ahead in thickness, coatability and ease of use. We solicited opinions from our painters as well, and it was just hands down, nobody wanted anything but the DuPont paint."

"We have had no issues with E&M. It's like calling a member of your family. They always ask 'Do you need it today?' It's never 'We can't get that to you.' In fact, more than once, their reps have dropped paint off on their way home at night. They have gone completely out of their way for us."

3M Learning Center (visit online)

Don't wait for the right training seminar to become a better refinisher. 3M's Learning Center is full of great video tutorials and how-to advice geared toward industry professionals.

Base Coat vs. Single Stage Paints

A base coat requires the secondary application of a clear coat. Single stage paints are standalone applications. While single stage paints often produce a deeper black, base and clear coats regularly produce the best results otherwise.