Bring back the shine and beauty of your car for years to come

Proper reconditioning makes a huge difference in the life and value of your vehicle. E&M Auto representatives have the knowledge to provide hands-on assistance and accurate recommendations. We’ll come to you, in your body shop or in our lot, and find what you need.
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Latest Products & Methods
We guarantee that the job is done right with the latest products and methods, including Axalta’s Acquire RX and VINdicator color matching systems.
Meguiar’s – How To Center
If you can’t make it out to the store, check out the How To Center on Meguiar’s website. They have demonstration videos and all the information you need about caring for your car.

E&M Private Label

We offer a full range of reconditioning solutions with our E&M Private Label products. These are no cheap knock-offs, our line offers brand name quality at an affordable price and we wholeheartedly recommend it for all your reconditioning needs.

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Protecting Your Interior from Cracking and Drying

It’s important to care for your car, inside and out. Our most popular interior products are the Meguiar's Cleaner and Protectant. Together, they’ll restore your interior’s luster and softness while protecting them from drying and water stains.